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Piščanci Mladi (Youth team)

The Piščanci youth club was started by its coach Jure Hocevar in 2016. Jure has been playing for Piščanci for many years and is now training the next generation of Piščanci inline hockey players.

Kids can join the club from 6 years. The youth team is built with a variety of ages and is able to accommodate more kids. If you would like to come for a try, you’re welcome to contact Jure the coach, email him at info@piscanci.si.

Practice is currently  twice per week, Wednesday: 17:30–19:00 & Friday: 16:00–17:30.
The training is held on the hockey arena based on the Šolski Center Postojna grounds. When bad weather conditions apply, the practices are moved to the Garage underneath Kras.

The club is currently trying to make a hall. If this is something you can help with, please contact the club at info@piscanci.si

The Kids need protective gear. The club can help with some of the equipment, please contact the club if you need to borrow any items and we’ll see what we can do. Helmets, skates and sticks are your responsibility and are necessary to play and train with the youth team for safety reasons.