21. inline hokej turnir v Dolenjskih Toplicah je za nami. Piščanci U11 so se prvič predstavili občinstvu in to na odličen način, s svojo prvo zmago.

Spodnji rezultati so zadoščali za končno 7. mesto. Čestitke fantom in trenerju 🙂


Piščanci mladi have competed in their first tournament and was subjected to their first audience. With all this new pressure the team managed their first victory scoring 2-1 against IHK Beli Orlovi (White Eagles). The boys team finished in 7th place. It was an exciting day for Hockey and Piščanci mladi gained a whole new passion to play. We are very proud to have a great coach that got the boys to where they are today. And we are even prouder of every member of the team for the efforts they have made to improve as individuals and as a team. Congratulations Piščanci mladi!


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